Research into Lithuanisation of Enterprise Resource Management System Oracle PeopleSoft


  • Dainora Maumevičienė Kaunas University of Technology
  • Inesa Kurganienė Kaunas University of Technology



lokalizacija, vertimas, vertimo transformacijos, ekspertizė, Oracle PeopleSoft programinė įranga


The article deals with the analysis of Oracle PeopleSoft implementation and Lithuanisation. The analysis of this particular case of software localisation (Lithuanisation) aims at revealing the significance of translation and its relation to localisation as well as identifying various problems that are faced during the process of software localisation. Enterprise resource management system and software Oracle PeopleSoft and its Lithuanisation has been selected as the object of the research due to its scope and uniqueness of the project. The software was localised and implemented with an aim to develop the infrastructure and system of information system for Lithuanian science and studies that serves as the foundation for the Lithuanian Virtual University. With an aim to examine the case of software Lithuanisation and implementation mentioned above comparative, descriptive methods, survey and software inspection were applied. Comparative and descriptive approaches were used to identify, compare and describe translation and localisation transformations that were employed by translators-localisers to adapt the enterprise resource management system Oracle PeopleSoft to the Lithuanian market and Lithuanian users. The use of the survey was applied to identify difficulties that translators-localisers, who localised the software, faced with. Meanwhile, the inspection of the Lithuanised version of the software helped to examine if the localised software complies with the requirements of Lithuanian locale. Results and conclusions of the research could be practically applied in other cases of software Lithuanisation and would be useful both to researchers, who analyse cases of software localisation, and representatives of software and language industry, who directly deal with cases of software localisation in practice and have to solve various problems that arise during the process of localisation.