Lessons learned from an electronic botany dictionary compilation project


  • Silga Sviķe Ventspils University odf Applied Sciences, Latvia




specialised lexicography, botany terminology, mobile application, specialised electronic dictionary


The study offers insights into the design, working model, and solutions of the specialised electronic dictionary of botany terms in Latvian, Latin, English, German, and Russian, developed as a mobile application. The third version of this dictionary has been updated as a final one within the project ‘Smart Complex of Information Systems of Specialised Biology Lexis for the Research and Preservation of Linguistic Diversity’ and published in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store in January 2024.
The study describes various aspects of the conception of a dictionary of botany terms and offers a practical dictionary compiling model for the dictionary’s mega-, macro-, and microstructure. Prior to commencing the project, a survey of the potential users was conducted to understand the preferences of the respondents and to take these preferences into consideration when developing the dictionary. New solutions to the aspects typical of a specialised dictionary of botany terms (labelling of taxonomic categories, visualization with interactive images, automatic retrieval of definitions from existing sources and their usability, etc.) were found. The study is summarised by discussing the main lessons that have been learned in the process of developing a small
(~3000 entry words) specialised dictionary. The conclusions might be useful for lexicographers and translators interested in compiling dictionaries.