Translation and Definition of Terms Evaluation and Assessment


  • Dalia Susnienė Kaunas University of Technology
  • Rūta Virbickaitė Kaunas University of Technology



translation, definition, evaluation, assessment, term


Translation is a challenging activity and there are few difficulties that appear during translation process so every language describes the world in the different way and has its own grammatical structure, grammar rules and syntax variance. Translated terms and definitions must be meaningful and appropriate not only for Lithuanian-speaking consumers but also for translators who must select equivalent terms and compose meaningful definitions in other languages. This paper deals with the problems of translation and definition of the terms evaluation and assessment. It provides a deep analysis of the phenomena referred to by the two terms under investigation and describes the different directions of terminology in the socio-economic development process. The paper aims to define the meaning of the terms evaluation and assessment on the basis on the scientific literature, dictionaries and different juridical documents. The authors classify the meaning of the terms according to their translation found in different resources and make the final conclusions and suggestions on their understanding. The authors of the paper point out that though the words vertinimas and įvertinimas are quite similar in their meanings, still they are not the same.