Translation as a Learning Method in English Language Teaching


  • Inga Dagilienė Kaunas University of Technology



translation, language teaching, translation method, learning tool, language skills


The present paper focuses on the application of translation to help learners acquire, develop and strengthen their knowledge and competence in the English language. Translation integrated into the language learning activity along with generally used ones, e. g. reading, listening, writing, and vocabulary development could be defined as “pedagogical tool”, considering that its purpose is to teach a language. Translation activities forces students to communicate both ways: into and from the foreign language.  While translating students are incited to notice differences in structure and vocabulary, to strengthen grammatical competence, to shape their own way of thinking and to correct habitual errors that could be remained unnoticed. Students can make the best out of their learning, if they are encouraged to use translation skills properly. Translation activities are used in the advanced English learning programmes at Kaunas University of Technology. This paper is based on a brief theoretical literature, the analysis of the activities in the language classroom, and the analysis of the data of the survey. The findings of the survey suggest that translation can be used in the English language learning course in order to enhance students’ foreign language skills.


Author Biography

Inga Dagilienė, Kaunas University of Technology

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