Addressing Template Composition and Parametric Features of Aspect and Modality in Ontological Semantic Acquisition of Phrasal Verbs

Julija Korostenskaja


The article uses the theory of ontological semantics to propose methodological and practical solutions  for the acquisition process of selected phrasal verbs.  The Knowledge Base Acquisition Editor is adopted as a software for project implementation. Since in ontological semantics, each lexical unit is to be described in terms of its syntactic and semantic structure, the article provides an analysis of both components of representation. At the syntactic level, the pre-established seed templates are adjusted so as to avoid misleading interpretations and to account for causative constructions. At the semantic level, focus is placed on the application of the ontological parametric features of aspect and modality in the meaning representation of phrasal verbs. It is argued that the categories of aspect and modality help grasp the difference between the PV in question and its one-word counterpart.  Finally, further research implications are discussed.



ontological semantics; natural language processing; acquisition; phrasal verbs

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Print ISSN: 1648-2824
Online ISSN: 2029-7203