Analytic Sentences, Cognition, and Language: Some Links between Current Theories

  • Miguel López-Astorga University of Talca, Chile
Keywords: analytic sentences, probability logic, reasoning, semantic mental models, syntactic mental logic


This paper tries to explore possible relations and differences between three kinds of contemporary theories about cognition and language: the approaches supporting the idea that there is a mental logic, the mental models theory, and the frameworks based upon probability logic. That exploration is made here by means of the analytic sentences and the revision of the way each of those types of theories can deal with them. The conclusions seem to show that the three kinds of theories address such sentences in a similar manner, which can mean that there can be more links between them than thought.

Author Biography

Miguel López-Astorga, University of Talca, Chile
Full Professor and Researcher at the Institute of Humanistic Studies, University of Talca