Conceptual Metaphorization through Precedent-Related Phenomena in Media Discourse

  • Yuriy Velykoroda Precarpathian national Vasyl Stefanyk University
Keywords: Metaphor, intertextuality, precedent-related phenomenon, media discourse


This article investigates the role of precedent-related phenomena as a type of intertextuality in conceptual metaphorization in media discourse. This study examines the place of precedent-related phenomena within the general theory of intertextuality, establishing their characteristics and how they can be differentiated from other types of intertextuality. Drawing on magazine articles, the study analyzes two sets of examples: a) single references, b) recurring references to one source domain through various precedent-related phenomena. In the second set of examples, the differential characteristics and attributes that are common for the references are outlined in order to formulate a hypothetical name for the source domain that would be shared by its constituents. The article concludes by discussing what potential cognitive effect such conceptual metaphors could have on the recipient of a text.

Author Biography

Yuriy Velykoroda, Precarpathian national Vasyl Stefanyk University
Ph.D., associate professor at the Department of English Philology