Exotic Plural Forms of Foreign Currency Names in English, French, and Italian: Grammatical, Lexicographical, and Translation (from/into Ukrainian) Perspectives

  • Dmytro Pryimak Kyiv National Linguistic University
Keywords: foreign currencies, plural forms of loanwords, English, French, Italian, lexicographical approach, translation from/into Ukrainian


This article analysed exotic plural forms of loanwords denoting foreign currency names in the English, French, and Italian languages, the specificities of their translation from/into Ukrainian and presentation in Ukrainian bilingual dictionaries. The findings of the research prove that there is no unequivocal approach to the use of either exotic or adapted plurals in the names of foreign currencies and coins in English, French, and Italian. The analysis of academic materials within this research allows a recommendation to consult dictionaries for correct exotic plural forms in all the three languages, recognising the appropriateness of the adaptation of borrowed plurals to the native morphological model in the French and Italian languages. In Ukrainian translations and the presentation in Ukrainian bilingual dictionaries, this approach should be preserved, with additional information provided on the donor language from which the exotic form was borrowed to ease the reader’s comprehension and choice of the plural to be used.

Author Biography

Dmytro Pryimak, Kyiv National Linguistic University
PhD Student