Applying Multimodal Transcription to Persian Subtitling

Zahra Abdi, Masood Khoshsaligheh


Reduction in subtitling to improve the ease watching foreign movies is always a challenge. Recently multimodal transcription has been recommended as a useful guide (Taylor, 2003, 2013), but its application has been barely empirically tested. This study, therefore, investigated if the framework could serve useful in Persian subtitling of the French language movie Amelie (2001) as a case study. Initially, a reduced version of the available full Persian subtitle based on the results of the multimodal transcription of the film was created. Later, the comprehension of a control group of Iranian viewers of the full subtitle and that of an experimental group of viewers of the reduced version was compared. Although the control group scored slightly higher on the comprehension test, no evidence was revealed for a statistically significant difference. Finally, the reception of the reduced subtitle was qualitatively investigated using retrospective interviews with selected participants from the experiment.



audiovisual translation, multimodal transcription, subtitling reduction, Persian, Amelie (2001)

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Print ISSN: 1648-2824
Online ISSN: 2029-7203