Memorability in Narration: An Overview of Mnemonic Features in Oral and Written Tradition

Kevin Arthur Crowley


How does narration effect memory? This paper investigates memorability in narratology, specifically in oral tradition. I will primarily investigate the effects of discourse and theme elements on human memory. Firstly, by understanding how memories are formed; secondly, by exploring how oral stories have been remembered and transmitted through long spans of time. Finally, I will briefly examine the effect of writing on narration. The investigation of narrative elements in the oral tradition and writing will then be used to illuminate what features make narration memorable. Modern narrative theories will also be discussed briefly to compare what features overlap with oral tradition. Primarily, the aim will be to understand the ways in which narratives enact on long term memory based on salient, emotive, and relatable attributes.



mnemonics; memory systems; narration; narratology; oral tradition; oral communication; narrative theory

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Print ISSN: 1648-2824
Online ISSN: 2029-7203