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No 25 (2014) Symbolizing Iconic Indexes: An Intentionality-based Hypothesis on the Emergence of Music Abstract   PDF
Alessandro Miani
No 21 (2012) Synonymie und Variation litauischer und deutscher Termini der Elektrostatik Abstract   PDF
Sigita Stankevičienė
No 27 (2015) Syntactical Shifts in Translation of Texts on the Country’s History and Culture Abstract   PDF
Dalia Venckienė
No 28 (2016) Syntactically Coded Corpus of Spoken Lithuanian: Developmental Issues and Pilot Studies Abstract   PDF
Laura Kamandulytė Merfeldienė, Ingrida Balčiūnienė
No 18 (2011) Tendances de l’évolution du vocabulaire dans des dictionnaires monolingues de la langue française Abstract   PDF
Jonas Žilinskas
No 22 (2013) Term Ontogenesis in Educational Research Discourse: Focus on Term “Language” Abstract   PDF
Jelena Zascerinska, Ludmila Aleksejeva, Mihails Zascerinskis, Natalia Andreeva
No 19 (2011) The Comment Clause — the Modificator of the Speaker`s Responsibility Abstract   PDF
Judita Džežulskienė
No 19 (2011) The Complex Metaphor of Political Animals in Media Political Discourse: a Cross-Linguistic Perspective Abstract   PDF
Liudmila Arcimavičienė
No 19 (2011) The Concept of DEBT in Collective Consciousness (a Socio-historical Analysis of Institutional Discourse) Abstract   PDF
Natalya Davidko
No 21 (2012) The Contrastive Analysis of the Structure Inside the Noun Phrase Abstract   PDF
Dana Švenčionienė, Daiva Zavistanavičienė
No 22 (2013) The Contrastive Analysis of the Translation of English Film Titles into Lithuanian and Russian Abstract   PDF
Daiva Šidiškytė, Daiva Tamulaitienė
No 20 (2012) The Contrastive Analysis of the Verb in Reference to Syntax and Morphology Abstract   PDF
Dana Švenčionienė
No 31 (2017) The Duration Of Pauses In Non-Spontaneous Lithuanian Speech Abstract   PDF
Asta Kazlauskienė, Eidmantė Kalašinskaitė
No 32 (2018) The Dynamic and Static Speech Organization of Texts in Business Media Abstract   PDF
Liliya Duskaeva
No 31 (2017) The Effect of the Translator’s Gender Identity on the Adequacy of Translation: Contemporary French Women’s Prose in Ukrainian Translations Abstract   PDF
Lyudmila Diachuk
No 30 (2017) The Figurative History of Money: Cognitive Foundations of Money Names in Anglo-Saxon Abstract   PDF
Natalya Vladislavovna Davidko
No 30 (2017) The Functional and Pragmatic Peculiarities of the Anthropocentric Phraseological Units in Different Languages and Cultural Environments (on the Descriptive Material of Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, English) Abstract   PDF
Lubomira Hnatiuk
No 30 (2017) The Names of Herdsmen in the Middle English Language: Historical Development of the Lexical-Thematic Group Abstract   PDF
Oksana Jaroslavovna Dobrovolska
No 33 (2018) The root structure of Lithuanian inflective words Abstract   PDF
Asta Kazlauskienė, Jurgita Cvilikaitė
No 23 (2013) The Semiotics of Third Language in Arabic-English Translation Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Ahmad Thawabteh
No 25 (2014) The Signifiers of Democracy and Commons Abstract   PDF
Charalampos Magoulas
No 28 (2016) The Sociocultural Perspective on Non-native Teacher Identity Formation Process Abstract   PDF
Silvija Smilgienė
No 25 (2014) The Stylistic Potential of the Transferred Epithet Abstract   PDF
Elena V. Anashkina
No 20 (2012) The Use of Software for the Analysis of Lexical Properties of Legal Discourse Abstract   PDF
Daiva Macko
No 29 (2016) Towards a Refined Inventory of Lexical Bundles: an Experiment in the Formulex Method Abstract   PDF
Łukasz Grabowski, Rita Juknevičienė
No 31 (2017) Towards The Criteria For Identification Of Idioms And Collocations Abstract   PDF
Erika Rimkutė, Agnė Bielinskienė, Jolanta Kovalevskaitė, Laura Vilkaitė
No 25 (2014) Translation and Arabicisation within Tertiary Education Courses: ‘Social Workʼ as a Case Study Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Ahmad Thawabteh, Khalid Hreish
No 24 (2014) Translation and Crime: The Case of Subtitling English Thrillers into Arabic Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Ahmad Thawabteh
No 24 (2014) Translation as Prevention from Aberrant Decoding Abstract   PDF
Mariana Sueldo, Beata Grebliauskiene
No 21 (2012) Translation of Culture-Specific Items from English into Lithuanian: the Case of Joanne Harris’s Novels Abstract   PDF
Lolita Petrulionė
No 22 (2013) Translation of the Russian Nadsat Slang in Anthony Burgess’ Novel A Clockwork Orange into Lithuanian Abstract   PDF
Marija Blonskytė, Saulė Petronienė
No 25 (2014) Use and Translation of Conditional Sentences in Institutional Register and Popular Scientific Prose Abstract   PDF
Toma Juknaitė, Ramunė Kasperavičienė
No 22 (2013) Verb Valency Patterns in Academic Register: Syntactic Approach Abstract   PDF
Jolita Horbačauskienė, Saulė Petronienė
No 25 (2014) Vernacular Narratives: A Case Study of Stylistic Analysis of Students’ Written Stories Abstract   PDF
Jana Pelclová
No 19 (2011) Video Game Localization: the Analysis of In-Game Texts Abstract   PDF
Vaida Šiaučiūnė, Vilmantė Liubinienė
No 33 (2018) "We are Proud to be a Leading Company with Global Reach and Worldwide Impact": Positively Evaluative Lexis in the Language of Recruitment Advertising Abstract   PDF
Pavel Reich
No 21 (2012) Western Media Perception of the Spy Swap 2010: What Metaphors Construe Abstract   PDF
Liudmila Arcimavičienė
No 21 (2012) What Color is Business? An Onomasiological and Semasiological Study of Business Terms Containing Color Words Abstract   PDF
Natalya Vladislavovna Davidko
No 21 (2012) WHAT COLOR IS BUSINESS? (an onomasiological and semasiological study of business terms containing color words) Abstract
natalya vladislavovna davidko
No 21 (2012) Zum Problem von Realien. Begriff und Definition Abstract   PDF
Jūratė Maksvytytė
No 24 (2014) Zur Skalierung litauischer Modalausdrücke Abstract   PDF
Gražina Droessiger
No 23 (2013) Zur Übersetzung von deutschen Adjektivkomposita ins Litauische Abstract   PDF
Loreta Šmidtaitė
No 20 (2012) Аспект относительности в грамматической категории времени Abstract   PDF
Диана Вилькелёнок
No 21 (2012) Влияние прагматических факторов на функционирование тропов в художественном дискурсе Abstract   PDF
Elena Vladimirovna Anashkina
No 27 (2015) Извлечение коллокаций из корпуса украинских текстов Abstract   PDF
Татьяна Бобкова
No 23 (2013) Имена негативных эмоций в раннем творчестве Ф. М. Достоевского Abstract   PDF
Аlla Diomidova, Аnna Jusel
No 19 (2011) Лексика родства в русской коммуникативной культуре Abstract   PDF
Алла Лихачева
No 22 (2013) Человек как разумное существо в русских и литовских фразеологизмах с названиями животных Abstract   PDF
Dalia Eigirdienė
No 27 (2015) “Mechanical” Metaphors and Theory Formation: a Cognitive-Historical Analysis of Economic Discourse Abstract   PDF
Natalya Davidko
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