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No 28 (2016) Holistic Approach to the Usage of Idioms and Translation of their Cultural Meanings Abstract   PDF
Aurelija Leonavičienė
No 24 (2014) How Should I Call You? Rendering of Semantically Meaningful Anthroponyms in Subtitled Children’s Cartoons Abstract   PDF
Ligita Judickaitė-Pašvenskienė
No 19 (2011) Hybridization in American TV Commercials Abstract   PDF
Jana Pelclová
No 26 (2015) Identifying Kurds In Bahman Ghobadi’s Films: A Film Semiotic Study Abstract   PDF
Sedat Yildirim
No 30 (2017) Impact of English on the Indonesian Language and Culture: High School Students’ Perceptions Abstract   PDF
Elisabet Titik Murtisari, Calvin Gai Mali
No 22 (2013) Interface of Translation Studies with the Digital Culture, Communication and New Media Language Abstract   PDF
Vilmantė Liubinienė
No 19 (2011) Interpretation and Translation of Lithuanian Cultural Textual Implications Abstract   PDF
Aurelija Leonavičienė
No 32 (2018) Interpreting Issues of Metaphors in Official Speech Abstract   PDF
Inga Stadalninkaitė
No 33 (2018) Investigating Metadiscourse Markers in Book Reviews and Blurbs: A Study of Interested and Disinterested Genres Abstract   PDF
Alireza Jalilifar, Samira Hayati, Alexanne Don
No 22 (2013) Is the Persuasiveness of Taglines Lost in Translation? Abstract   PDF
Audronė Poškienė
No 29 (2016) Issues in Translation of Linguistic Collocations Abstract   PDF
Miglė Stulpinaitė, Jolita Horbačauskienė, Ramunė Kasperavičienė
No 22 (2013) La bidirectionnalité du dictionnaire bilingue :un luxe superflu ou la stricte nécessité ? Abstract   PDF
Danguolė Melnikienė
No 23 (2013) La localisation culturelle et linguistique dans le paradigme de la traduction moderne Abstract   PDF
Kristina Raudžiuvienė
No 31 (2017) La Motivation Du Verbe Tchèque Abstract   PDF
Samuel Bidaud
No 33 (2018) Learning ESL through AVT: a case study Abstract   PDF
Patrizia Giampieri
No 19 (2011) Legal English — What Is The Point? Abstract   PDF
Aušra Labokaitė, David Sætre Ludvigsen
No 28 (2016) Les onomatopées et les théories de la glotto-genèse, I p. Abstract   PDF
Danguolė Melnikienė
No 29 (2016) Les onomatopées et les théories de la glotto-genèse, II p. Abstract   PDF
Danguolė Melnikienė
No 26 (2015) Les pronoms relatifs et interrogatifs du suédois Abstract   PDF
Samuel Bidaud
No 33 (2018) Lexical Word-Class Distributions in Research Articles of Four Subject Areas Abstract   PDF
Deny Arnos KWARY, Almira F Artha, Yuni S Amalia
No 26 (2015) Linguistico-Literary Reflections on the Science of Light: Sensory Emergence in Goethe's Theory of Colors, and Jakob von Uexküll's Metaphoricity of Semiosic Scaffolding Abstract   PDF
Winfried Kudszus
No 23 (2013) Lithuanian-Latvian, Latvian-Lithuanian Parallel Corpus (LILA) Abstract   PDF
Erika Rimkutė, Andrius Utka, Kristīne Levāne-Petrova
No 20 (2012) Logic-Semantic Relations in English and Lithuanian Scientific Discourse Abstract   PDF
Audronė Poškienė, Vaida Vrubliauskienė
No 22 (2013) Machine Translation: Translated Texts in Terms of Standards of Textuality Abstract   PDF
Audronė Daubarienė, Greta Ziezytė
No 21 (2012) Media Language: Equivalence in the Translation of Headlines Abstract   PDF
Saulė Petronienė, Indrė Žvirblytė
No 32 (2018) Memorability in Narration: An Overview of Mnemonic Features in Oral and Written Tradition Abstract   PDF
Kevin Arthur Crowley
No 22 (2013) Metaphoric Blending in Science Fiction Abstract   PDF
Gayane Muradian
No 22 (2013) Metaphoricity in the History of Economic Thought (on the Basis of the 17th Century Economic Discourse) Abstract   PDF
Natalya Davidko
No 31 (2017) Middle English Names of Professional Entertainers: Etymology and Aspects of Usage Abstract   PDF
Oksana Jaroslavovna Dobrovolska
No 29 (2016) Mirthful and polite laughter: structural models and their duration Abstract   PDF
Regina Sabonytė, Asta Kazlauskienė, Sigita Dereškevičiūtė
No 27 (2015) Multimodal Language of the Intertitles in the Trailers of American Romance-Comedy Feature Films Abstract   PDF
Daiva Šidiškytė
No 22 (2013) On Language Editing of Research Articles Translated from Lithuanian to English Abstract   PDF
Ramunė Kasperavičienė, Jurgita Motiejūnienė
No 21 (2012) On Semantic Pleonasms and Their Translation in Institutional Register Abstract   PDF
Ramunė Kasperavičienė
No 19 (2011) On Semantic Pleonasms in English and their Translation in Lithuanian Abstract   PDF
Ramunė Kasperavičienė
No 32 (2018) On the Motivated Polysemy of the Lithuanian ŽEMIAU ‘below’ Abstract   PDF
Ieva Stasiūnaitė
No 28 (2016) On the Placement of the Reflexive/ Reciprocal Marker –si- in Lithuanian Verbs Abstract   PDF
Julija Korostenskienė
No 19 (2011) Optimization of Lithuanian Diphone Databases Abstract   PDF
Pijus Kasparaitis, Žilvinas Ledas
No 19 (2011) Political Discourse: Expression of the Solidarity Strategy Abstract   PDF
Saulė Juzelėnienė, Rita Baranauskienė
No 30 (2017) Post-graduate Translation Curriculum and Employability: The Case of Palestinian Universities Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Ahmad Thawabteh, Ekrema Shehab
No 24 (2014) Presidential New Year Greetings: What is Implied by Metaphors Abstract   PDF
Liudmila Arcimavičienė
No 23 (2013) Pronoun Dropping in ChiShona: A Comparative Approach Abstract   PDF
Victor Mugari
No 20 (2012) Realien, ihre Bezeichnungen und Aspekte der Interkulturalität Abstract   PDF
Hans-Harry Drößiger
No 24 (2014) Research into Lithuanisation of Enterprise Resource Management System Oracle PeopleSoft Abstract   PDF
Dainora Maumevičienė, Inesa Kurganienė
No 26 (2015) Rethinking Dance Theory Through Semiotics Abstract   PDF
Henrique Rochelle
No 26 (2015) Review of the Monograph by Aurelija Leonavičienė Kultūrinių teksto reikšmių interpretacija ir vertimas (Interpretation and Translation of Cultural Meanings in the Text) Abstract   PDF
Danguolė Melnikienė
No 23 (2013) Semantic Meaning of Colours in John Milton’s Poem Paradise Lost Abstract   PDF
Lina Inčiuraitė
No 25 (2014) Setting the Verb Raising Parameter in Lithuanian Abstract   PDF
Julija Korostenskaja
No 20 (2012) Spoken Discourse Markers in Learner Academic Writing Abstract   PDF
Alė Šimčikaitė
No 18 (2011) Sprachlich-patriotische Elemente in politischen Weblogs Abstract   PDF
Kathrin Habereder
No 23 (2013) Sur le suédois VAR Abstract   PDF
Samuel Bidaud
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