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No 25 (2014) A Co-evolved Continuum of Language, Culture and Cognition: Prospects of Interdisciplinary Research Abstract   PDF
Jonas Nölle
No 29 (2016) A Comparative Study of Perception of (Im)Politeness between Iranian EFL Learners and Americans: The Case of Request Speech Act Abstract   PDF
Bahareh Ghasempour, Maryam Farnia
No 20 (2012) A Cross-cultural Investigation of English and Turkish Research Article Abstracts in Educational Sciences Abstract   PDF
Duygu Çandarlı
No 24 (2014) A Living Language: An Alternative Approach to Interpreting Social and Geopolitical Processes Abstract   PDF
Julija Korostenskaja
No 26 (2015) A Summative Translation Quality Assessment Model for Undergraduate Student Translations: Objectivity Versus Manageability Abstract   PDF
Gholamreza Medadian, Dariush Nezhadansari Mahabadi
No 23 (2013) A Translator's View about Translation Memory and Machine Translation Integration Abstract   PDF
Dainora Maumevičienė, Aušra Berkmanienė
No 23 (2013) A Vision of Translation as Play and Game Abstract   PDF
Elena Gheorghita
No 21 (2012) Acoustical Cues for Palatalization of Consonants Abstract   PDF
Rytis Ambrazevičius
No 21 (2012) Addressing Template Composition and Parametric Features of Aspect and Modality in Ontological Semantic Acquisition of Phrasal Verbs Abstract   PDF
Julija Korostenskaja
No 27 (2015) An obsession: .com Between the Rocky Shores of Myth and the New Balance of Powers Abstract   PDF
Yves Gambier
No 27 (2015) Analytical Framework of Extrapolation and Metaphor in William Gibson’s Neuromancer Abstract   PDF
Gaiane Muradian, Liza Mardoyan
No 32 (2018) Anglo-Norman Money in Context Abstract   PDF
Natalya Vladislavovna Davidko
No 32 (2018) Applying Multimodal Transcription to Persian Subtitling Abstract   PDF
Zahra Abdi, Masood Khoshsaligheh
No 31 (2017) Are Dubbed Teen Films (still) Censored? Abstract   PDF
Patrizia Giampieri
No 24 (2014) Attitude of the Lithuanian Audience towards the Mainstream Audiovisual Translation Modes Abstract   PDF
Indrė Koverienė, Danguolė Satkauskaitė
No 25 (2014) Audiovisual Translation: Conception, Types, Characters’ Speech and Translation Strategies Applied Abstract   PDF
Nataliia Matkivska
No 20 (2012) AUTHOR INDEX Details   PDF
Nerijus Turskis
No 21 (2012) AUTHOR INDEX Details   PDF
Nerijus Turskis
No 22 (2013) AUTHOR INDEX Abstract   PDF
Team Editorial
No 23 (2013) AUTHOR INDEX Details   PDF
Stasys Kazlauskas
No 24 (2014) AUTHOR INDEX Details   PDF
Stasys Kazlauskas
No 25 (2014) AUTHOR INDEX Details   PDF
Stasys Kazlauskas
No 26 (2015) AUTHOR INDEX Details
Sigita Degutienė
No 28 (2016) Catégories verbales et opérativité Abstract   PDF
Samuel Bidaud
No 26 (2015) Challenges and Rewards of Surtitling as an Audiovisual Translation Mode: A Case Study of the Contemporary Opera Have a Good Day! Abstract   PDF
Lina Abraitienė, Indrė Koverienė, Jūratė Urbonienė
No 18 (2011) Computer-based Translation into Lithuanian: Alternatives and Their Linguistic Evaluation Abstract   PDF
Inga Petkevičiūtė, Bronius Tamulynas
No 23 (2013) Conceptual Metaphors in Gordon Brown’s Political Discourse (2007–2008) Abstract   PDF
Vilma Linkevičiūtė
No 23 (2013) Conceptualising Music: Metaphors of Classical Music Reviews Abstract   PDF
Inesa Šeškauskienė, Totilė Levandauskaitė
No 26 (2015) Considering Well, Accurately, Completely: Lithuanian Lexical Verb Placement on the Syntactic Tree Abstract   PDF
Julija Korostenskienė
No 19 (2011) Convergence and Divergence in the Interpretation of Quranic Polysemy and Lexical Recurrence Abstract   PDF
Jamal alQinai
No 30 (2017) Corpus-Based Translation Studies: Research and Resources Abstract   PDF
Jurgita Vaičenonienė, Jolanta Kovalevskaitė, Teresė Ringailienė
No 32 (2018) Could Have, Should Have, Would Have. The Speaker’s Attitude in Expressing Hypothetical Past Alternatives in English and Italian by Means of Pragmatic Markers and Modality in EU Parliamentary Debates. Abstract   PDF
Paola Gaudio
No 29 (2016) Culture-Specific Items (CSI) and their Translation Strategies in Martin Lindstrom’s Brand Sense Abstract   PDF
Diana Blažytė, Vilmantė Liubinienė
No 33 (2018) Discourse Markers in the Genre of Formal Letters Written by Intermediate Students of English as a Foreign Language Abstract   PDF
Oleksandr Kapranov
No 33 (2018) Double Negation in English and Ukrainian: a View from Cognitive Linguistics and a SLA Context Abstract   PDF
Yakiv Bystrov, Oksana Petryna, Maiia Matton
No 32 (2018) Early Language Acquisition: from a Language Periphery to Verbal Abstract   PDF
Ingrida Balčiūnienė, Laura Kamandulytė-Merfeldienė
No 24 (2014) Educating Autonomous Translators in Distance Learning: a Neglected Area in the ‘Map’ of Translation Studies Abstract   PDF
Gholamreza Medadian, Saeed Ketabi
No 21 (2012) Elements, Contexts and Users of New Media Language Abstract   PDF
Vilmantė Liubinienė
No 22 (2013) Emploi des connecteurs français dans les styles administratif et journalistique et leur traduction en lituanien Abstract   PDF
Aurelija Leonavičienė, Jolita Rečiūnaitė
No 26 (2015) English Word Formation Patterns and Translation thereof in the Institutional Register Abstract   PDF
Jolita Horbačauskienė, Mantas Kalinauskas, Regina Petrylaitė, Tatjana Vėžytė
No 27 (2015) Equivalence and Variants Causing Dichotomy in Translating the Terminology of Economics Abstract   PDF
Viorika Šestakova
No 28 (2016) Evaluation of Lithuanian Text-to-Speech Synthesizers Abstract   PDF
Pijus Kasparaitis
No 22 (2013) Évolution du paradigme de la théorie de traduction et sa situation aujourd’hui Abstract   PDF
Aurelija Leonavičienė
No 18 (2011) Exchange Students’ Experiences in Intercultural Communication Abstract   PDF
Aušra Stepanovienė
No 23 (2013) Forensic Linguistics: An Overview of the Intersection and Interaction of Language and Law Abstract   PDF
Maite Correa
No 19 (2011) Functions and Language Quality of Website Text Localized for the Lithuanian Market Abstract   PDF
Aurelija Leonavičienė, Vidmantė Jasiukėnaitė
No 30 (2017) Functions of the Most Frequent Emoticons in the Lithuanian Text Abstract   PDF
Regina Sabonytė
No 33 (2018) Funny as it may be: Humour in the American sitcoms I Love Lucy and Modern Family Abstract   PDF
Julija Korostenskienė, Aurelija Lieponytė
No 28 (2016) Holistic Approach to the Usage of Idioms and Translation of their Cultural Meanings Abstract   PDF
Aurelija Leonavičienė
No 24 (2014) How Should I Call You? Rendering of Semantically Meaningful Anthroponyms in Subtitled Children’s Cartoons Abstract   PDF
Ligita Judickaitė-Pašvenskienė
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