A New Paradigm and Old Methods or an Old Paradigm and New Methods?

Audronė Poškienė


The changed educational paradigm from subject-centered into student-centered has changed the role of teaching/learning methods. A method allows a student to adjust to the teaching material, to socialize in a group, to know and assess oneself, to think critically and creatively. The module The language of negotiations is only an episode in a complex negotiation teaching. Students in the module develop skills and competencies in special English and negotiation science. The 3rd and 4th year students have evaluated the methods. The questionnaire has been based on revealing the effectiveness of four teaching/ learning methods: a discussion, problem-solving, video clips and oral academic presentations. The findings have revealed that the methods of video clips and oral academic presentations are considered to be the most effective. 50 % of 21 students consider it to be effective in negotiation language teaching/ learning process and develops different competences. A discussion as a method requires student's artistic abilities to get involved into the process and it is mixed with role-play method. It can be concluded that only the combination of several teaching/learning methods can make the study effective.



metodas; paradigma; mokymas(-is); įgūdžiai ir gebėjimai; modulis

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